As the central hub that governs the entire recording project, we manage the details. We will establish realistic deadlines, facilitate communication with all asset providers and ensure a smooth production process that results in on-time completion of a world-class product. Our services include coordination of:

ARTWORK: we will work with your graphic designer, or provide our own experts to create a look and packaging that reflects who you are and fulfills your vision

PHOTOGRAPHY: we will coordinate with your photographer, or recommend one, and ensure all necessary specs and format requirements are met for the highest quality product

LINER NOTES AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION: the written presentation of your project is an essential element supporting the audio, and we will coordinate, write or edit the booklet and online text and tracking information with a dedication to complete accuracy, quality writing and clarity

AUDIO MASTER MEDIA: we will coordinate with your engineering team to ensure format and content accuracy between audio and artwork

LICENSING AND COPYRIGHT: we will facilitate the licensing process so that your recording complies with all legal requirements for distribution

DIGITAL MEDIA PRESENTATION: we will organize the digital information and metadata for the clear presentation of your project to many different digital distributors

MANUFACTURING AND PRINT REQUIREMENTS: we will work directly with the manufacturers and printers so the production process runs smoothly and delivers a final product meeting your expectations and time frame



The age of digital music demands new and innovative solutions to liner notes and the story surrounding the music. We will create online packages with you, furthering engagement around your project, telling its story to listeners, viewers, marketers, presenters and the media all in one tight and beautifully crafted package.






We provide answers and explore new possibilities amid the changing musical landscape. We keep abreast of new options and opportunities that are emerging every day. You can count on us to inform, consult and direct.

MANUFACTURING, DISTRIBUTION AND LABEL COORDINATION Working with manufacturers throughout the world, we will research and price out options and coordinate asset requirements for final manufacturing, product output and label requirements. We can help with referrals to labels that specialize in independently produced projects, or companies who warehouse and distribute your product for a fee. Independent online distribution can also be facilitated.

REFERRAL SERVICES Access to a comprehensive network of services: graphic artists, cover designers, writers, manufacturers, legal counsel, digital service providers, label and distributor recommendations and contacts are all part of our network of professionals that could be made available for your specific project needs. This can be part of the Project Management component, or we can make connections for you to facilitate a project that's already been started.

ROYALTY, MECHANICAL LICENSING, AND DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT We will provide research for and assistance with coordination of mechanical licensing, royalty submissions and digital rights management.