Erica Brenner Productions is an independent multi-media production company specializing in classical music recording, audio and video production, digital online content creation, and complete project management services, from concept to final product. Uniquely positioned to offer a vast network of specialists and world-class recording expertise, these services are available to artists, labels and organizations worldwide. As a graduate of the Yale School of Music and veteran of the recording industry, having worked for 20 years at the Grammy-winning Telarc label, Erica Brenner comes from the point of view of a musician, working side-by-side with artists to create content that reflects the quality and integrity of their art form, and the essence of their artistry. Teamwork and collaboration, both with artists and each team member, is a hallmark of her work. Services include:

• Producing recordings on location in acoustic environments

• Video production with expertise in multi-camera and music editing

• Experience in both on-location and in-studio recordings

• Conceiving and developing promotional products for video, print and web applications

• Comprehensive project management: planning, strategy, implementation, completion

• Producing promotional and event videos

• Producing podcasts for arts and civic organizations

• Digital distribution consultation

• Music Licensing consultation.




EBbiophoto1Though steeped in the traditions of classical music, Erica Brenner maintains a very progressive view of its role in our culture and its potential in the digital age. A GRAMMY®-winning producer with a master's degree in music from Yale University, Erica spent 20 years in audio production for Telarc International, one of the most prestigious classical recording labels in the world and the winner of scores of GRAMMY® Awards since the late 1970s. In addition to producing, editing and mastering for Telarc, she has worked as an independent record producer since 1992. Her work can be heard on hundreds of commercially released classical and jazz recordings.

Erica's range of technical expertise includes high-resolution audio and multi-channel editing, podcast/interview production and editing. She is equally skilled and experienced in logistical and visual aspects of music production, handling comprehensive project management and the all-important details of budgeting, project development, booklet production and asset coordination, graphic design consultation, proofreading and mechanical licensing. Armed with several years of performance experience, she implicitly understands the needs of the artist and approaches every project – large or small – with a high level of energy, sensitivity and creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As the demand for quality visual content has increased, Erica expanded her services to include video production, tailored specifically to the unique requirements of classical music artists and arts organizations.

Motivated by her belief in the transformative power of music, Erica and her team are positioned to wield cutting-edge technology to maximize the artistic expression of not only the great masters of the past but also the aspiring composers and artists of the present and the future.





Anilda Carrasquillo, graphic design


• • • • •

Elaine Martone, producer / consultant

• • • • •


Michael Bishop, audio engineer | Robert Friedrich, audio engineer


• • • • •


Ian Dobie, audio engineer


• • • • •


Bruce Egre, audio engineer


• • • • •

Fred Vogler, audio engineer

• • • • •

Daniel Shores, recording engineer

Sono Luminus

• • • • •


Mathias Reed, video and still photographer


• • • • •

Ken Wendt, video

• • • • •


Travis Pollert Film & Video